PoreCamp is a training bootcamp based around Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing. It is a unique opportunity to learn about this exciting new sequencing platform from some of the leading experts in the field.

The series was founded by Nick Loman, Matt Loose and Mick Watson in 2015 and has been run as a 1-week hands-on course led by Nick, Matt, Josh Quick, Justin O’Grady and John Tyson.

Porecamp2017 is scheduled for June in Birmingham (exact dates tbc).

In the meantime, a spin-off Porecamp AU is being run in Melbourne in Feb 2017.

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What is nanopore sequencing?

The Oxford Nanopore is a USB-size DNA sequencer which is capable of producing up to 1Gbase of sequence data with read lengths limited primarily by the input material. One of its key advantages is to produce data in near-real time - the system has been used to monitor the Ebola outbreak in 2015, the Zika outbreak in 2016, and in July 2016 became the first sequencer in space.

Who should attend?

Any researchers wanting training in library preparation, running the MinION Oxford Nanopore instrument, and data analysis are welcome to attend. Participants do not require both wet-lab and bioinformatics skills to benefit from the course - training will be provided in both components.

Course structure and programme

PoreCamp is currently run as a 1-week course. It is entirely hands-on. The aim is to provide hands-on training by researchers, for researchers in library preparation, running the instrument and the analysis of data as well as the opportunity to meet the current world leaders.

The programme and teaching materials for previous courses can be found at:


Applications for Porecamp 2016 (August 2016) have closed, please keep an eye out for future Porecamps next year.

Admission Criteria

Places are strictly limited. Places will be allocated according to the following strict criteria.

You must:

In the event the course is over subscribed, the instructors will allocate places according to the strength of the application and the applicant’s relevant experience.


Thank you to the following organisations for providing support (time, bursaries, reagents, space) to PoreCamp: