All group activities (coffee, lectures and reportage) and bioinformatics practicals will be held in the Centre for Computational Biology, 3rd floor Haworth Building, Univeristy of Birmingham. Lab practicals held in the Biosciences teaching laboratory.

Getting to the Centre for Computational Biology

Centre for Computational Biology is in the Haworth Building. It is a very short walk from the University (Birmingham) train station. When coming out of the train station turn left and go DOWN the hill. It is well sign posted on your RIGHT. It is building Y2 (yellow) on the campus map.

Monday Introduction Day
14:00 Registration & Coffee
14:30 Introduction to Porecamp (Nick Loman)
15:00 Group lecture: Introducing the MinION platform (all)
What a good library looks like (Justin O'Grady)
16:30 Breakout practical: Designing your MinION experiment
18:30 Leave for group dinner with instructors
Restaurant Mughal-E-Azam, Stratford Road, Sparkhill
Tuesday 15th Sample preparation (Josh Quick & Justin O'Grady)
TA: Pablo Fuentes-Utrilla, Solomon Mwaigwisya
09:00 Coffee seminar: Nanopore sequencing for diagnostics (Justin O'Grady)
09:30 Lab practical: QCing your sample
11:00 Lab practical: Library preparation (I)
13:00 Lunch seminar: Understanding squiggle data and error correction (Jared Simpson)
14:30 Lab practical: Library preparation (II)
17:30 Group reporting
18:30 Dinner on your own
Wednesday 16th Running the MinION (Matt Loose & John Tyson)
09:00 Coffee seminar: Run until (Matt Loose)
09:30 Lab practical: Preparing laptop & MinION for sequencing
10:30 Lab practical: MinKNOW and configuring run scripts (John Tyson)
13:00 Lunch seminar: Nanoopre bioinformatics (Mick Watson)
14:00 Lab practical: Run interrogation and Metrichor
16:00 Demonstration: Dynamic balancing with read until
17:30 Group reporting
18:30 Dinner on your own
Thursday 17th MinION bioinformatics (Nick Loman & Mick Watson)
TA: Rob Stewart, Emily Richardson
09:00 Coffee seminar: Accurate variant calling (Nick Loman)
09:30 Lab practical: Exploring FAST5 data with poRe and poretools
11:00 Lab practical: Mapping nanopore reads and variant calling
13:00 Lunch seminar: Deploying a portable nanopore sequencing system (Josh Quick)
14:00 Lab practical: Assembling nanopore data
17:30 Group reporting
18:30 Group dinner
Friday 18th Conclusions
09:00 Coffee
09:30 Bioinformatics group practicals
12:00 Group presentations
13:00 Lunch and wrap-up